Private Screening


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The nation is stunned silent when presidential hopeful James Kilcannon is shot dead in front of his rock-star girlfriend Stacy Tarrant. Fiercely independent attorney Tony Lord dares to defend the shooter, but the already bizarre plot takes another twist. As America watches, a mysterious and ruthless figure, known only as Phoenix, takes to the airwaves—and takes the wife of a wealthy newspaper mogul and Stacy’s manager as his hostages.

Phoenix mounts a televised trial of his own—in which Stacy Tarrant and Tony Lord are helpless defendents, millions of viewers are jurors, and—unless his chilling demands are met—Phoenix is the unstoppable executioner….

“Thrilling.... Private Screening succeeds on all counts. It's a footrace of a read, daring you to put it down.” —Atlanta Journal & Constitution (London)