"A title that is dripping with summer diversions, youthful passion and ideals, class tensions, and familial disruptions makes for wonderful reading whatever the season." —Library Journal (*) ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“Set in the summer and fall of a pivotal year in American history, 1968 . . . Patterson’s latest offers up an appealing family drama set against the backdrop of a radically tumultuous and influential time.” —Booklist ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“Loss of Innocence, second of a projected trilogy, is the compelling account of a family’s collapse amid multiple betrayals in the bloody year 1968. The book moves at high velocity, is grandly plotted with a crescendo of an ending. This is Richard North Patterson at the top of his game.” —Ward Just, author of An Unfinished Season and Rodin’s Debutante ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“Like male novelists of the Nineteenth century, Richard North Patterson actually looks at the world though a woman's eyes. He tells us the story of a girl born into a derived identity, and her path toward who she is and what she wants. In one life of the 1960s, he symbolizes a movement that keeps changing all our lives.” —Gloria Steinem, author of Revolution from Within ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“Loss of Innocence is a stunning tour de force by one of my favorite novelists. This comingof-age story electrifies with the authenticity of the Sixties—the sex, politics, language, mores and music. And Martha's Vineyard, with its heartbreaking beauty, is the ideal setting for an engrossing drama of a so-called perfect family riven by its secrets. Richard North Patterson, always brilliant, is better than ever.” —Linda Fairstein, author of The Deadhouse ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“Wealthy, WASPY and protected, Whitney Dane lives a life of privilege under the seemingly benevolent patriarchy of her powerful father. At the family summer home on Martha's Vineyard, political violence and anti-war protests seem far away. But in the course of the season, cracks open in her closest relationships, exposing rot and darkness within and linking Whitney to the larger issues of race, class and corruption that roil the country. Richard North Patterson has created a richly textured romance, deftly set amid the seismic social shifts of 1968.” —Geraldine Brooks, author of Caleb’s Crossing ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“Loss of Innocence is an extraordinary novel—profound, emotionally involving and totally addictive. This may be Richard North Patterson's best work: surprising and different, yet with the same ability to penetrate the minds of others—especially women, which is a rare gift.” —Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“A snapshot of America at a pivotal moment in history, and a beautifully written coming-of-age novel.” —Lady Antonia Fraser, author of The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Must You Go? ON LOSS OF INNOCENCE
“Fall from Grace is a stunning tale of betrayal and love—family members torn apart as the possible murder of the patriarch, whose power and prestige have dominated for decades, unravels secrets and scandals against the dramatic backdrop of the unforgiving Vineyard landscape. Richard North Patterson delivers thrilling suspense every time.” —Linda Fairstein, author of Silent Mercy ON Fall From Grace
“Patterson has redefined himself as a writer willing to take risks.” —USA Today ON Fall From Grace
“Richard North Patterson is one of the best in the business.” —Time ON Fall From Grace
“Masterful and illuminating, THE DEVIL’S LIGHT is Richard North Patterson at his best. You will not want, or be able to, put this story down. It is tomorrow’s catastrophe riding on the ‘gleaming wings of science.’” —William S. Cohen, former Secretary of Defense ON The Devil’s Light
“Impossible to dismiss as mere fiction, THE DEVIL’S LIGHT is a terrifying vision of what very well could bring down our world as we know it. With its real-life spies locked in a deathly struggle, this thrillingly told novel is all too real.” —Robert Baer, former CIA field officer and New York Times bestselling author ON The Devil’s Light
“THE DEVIL’S LIGHT will grab you from the very first page and never let go. Patterson’s amazing storytelling is made all the better by his emotionally complex characters. I was intrigued.” —Kathy Reichs, #1 New York Times bestselling author of 206 Bones ON The Devil’s Light
“THE DEVIL’S LIGHT dazzles and illuminates, a page-turner that smartly and in breath-taking fashion snaps to life the complexities of the middle east and the struggle of nations and players for power. The book literally barrels along as the stakes grow ever higher. Deeply researched and thoroughly plausible, Patterson’s is one of the most intelligent and entertaining thrillers about the world as it is, and the possible world to come.” —Doug Stanton, author of Horse Soldiers and In Harm’s Way ON The Devil’s Light
“A compelling and gripping read. Patterson explores the very real pressures of the loyalty, honor, and duty that accompany military service. It’s a thriller that strikes at the heart of every soldier.” —Senator John McCain ON IN THE NAME OF HONOR
“As always, Richard North Patterson demonstrates an uncanny knack for selecting a topic as hot as tomorrow’s headlines, but the pleasures of this book far transcend its gripping and timely subject. In the Name of Honor is a family saga, a courtroom drama, and also a rare kind of love story. There is romance, of course, but also an exploration of other kinds of love—of country, comrades, ideas. This is Patterson’s best book yet.” —Geraldine Brooks ON IN THE NAME OF HONOR
“Stephen King, in one of his novels, has his main character reflect that ‘Patterson and DeMille are probably the best of the current popular novelists.’ I could not agree more, and Richard North Patterson has done it again with In the Name of Honor, which will be very favorably compared to The Caine Mutiny.” —Nelson DeMille ON IN THE NAME OF HONOR
“In The Name of Honor is an absolute humdinger of a murder mystery, with a you-will-never-guess twist that I greeted with pure envy. This is a beautifully crafted book that offers not merely unrelenting suspense, but a close look at the dysfunctions of military justice and of one particular family.” —Scott Turow ON IN THE NAME OF HONOR
“No one knows the courtroom better—no one writes the courtroom better—than Richard North Patterson. In the Name of Honor is a riveting tale of love and betrayal, truth and its role in a search for justice, war and its devastating effect on combatants and their families. As always, Patterson’s plotting is brilliant and nuanced, his characters richly developed, and his prose is as elegant as it is gripping.” —Linda Fairstein ON IN THE NAME OF HONOR
“The suspense intensifies until the shocking conclusion of this tightly plotted story.” —Library Journal ON The Spire
“The novel picks up steam and builds to a shocking conclusion. Fans of Patterson’s legal thrillers, the books that made him famous, will be glad to see him back in murder-mystery mode.” —Booklist ON The Spire
“Thoughtful… Patterson evokes the quiet schism between town and gown… as well as the fragile relationship between blacks and whites, while Mark’s probing hits exposed nerves with fatal results.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) ON The Spire
“Passionate...exciting [and] eye-opening, page by page.” —Washington Post ON Eclipse
“Compelling and credible...guaranteed to rouse you to thought.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch ON Eclipse
“This stellar legal thriller both informs and entertains... Patterson has exerted all his considerable skill in creating a nightmare atmosphere that will cling to readers long after the last page is turned.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) ON Eclipse
“A satisfying fable that pits a hero who deeply believes in the rule of law against a violent, lawless regime that holds all the cards.” —Kirkus Reviews ON Eclipse
“Nearly flawless—by the time you realize how well Patterson is writing, you are already caught up in this novel.” —San Francisco Chronicle ON Eclipse
“Suspenseful—pervasive danger as real as the actual reality.” —New York Daily News ON Eclipse
“A terrific legal thriller populated by rich, well drawn characters [Patterson] magnificently brings to life. Not to be missed.” —Providence Sunday Journal ON Eclipse
“Fascinating.” —Booklist ON Eclipse
“[A] compelling legal thriller, reminiscent of Exile. Patterson once again brings a timely, controversial subject—America's dependence on foreign oil—to the forefront in this...engrossing read.” —Library Journal ON Eclipse
“An electrifying page-turner.” —Seattle Post-Intelligencer ON The Race
“Absorbing and suspenseful.” —Publishers Weekly ON The Race
“Patterson has redefined himself as a writer willing to take risks.” —USA Today ON The Race
“Required reading.” —New York Post ON The Race
“With verve, intelligence, passion and humanity, Patterson tells an important story—and one that may find a place with Advise and Consent and Seven Days in May on the shelf of honored political thrillers.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch ON The Race
“Absorbing… timely… a gripping read.” —Booklist ON The Race
“Will get your blood boiling…” —Grand Rapid Press ON The Race
“A timely, fast-paced political yarn…. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal (starred review) ON The Race
“A slick new entertainment… Frank Capra idealism meets Karl Rove reality.” —Entertainment Weekly ON The Race
“The Race is a breathless account of the brutality, cynicism and raw ugliness of a tight, three-way Republican primary…. A highly enjoyable expose of the black arts of politics, which both accidentally and deliberately draws on real life.” —The Times ON The Race
“A political page-turner… The novel scores [by] putting you in the room when deals are done, dirty tricks are plotted, painful compromises are agreed to and votes are won or lost… impressive and exciting… A grippingly believable portrayal of the nitty-gritty of American politics.” —The Sunday Times ON The Race
“Patterson asks a deceptively simple question: can an honest man ever become President? He answers with great skill and exceptional research. The details of voting patterns are examined in minute detail and each page reeks of authenticity. No surprise, because Patterson was once a Washington political lobbyist. The details are intricate, the approach serious, but this is The West Wing in hard covers—and what is not in doubt is Patterson's appetite for the darkness at the very heart of American politics.” —The Daily Mail ON The Race
“Thoroughly entertaining.… Easily the most compelling novel about US politics since Primary Colors.” —The Spectator ON The Race
“Belts along at a furious pace…[The Race is] entertaining and keeps one on the edge of the seat to the final startling revelation.” —Irish Times ON The Race
“Crowd-pleasing… [The Race is a] seductive blend of sexuality and violence… North Patterson’s is the art of the pacy, incident-packed novel.” —The Independent ON The Race
“A slick, insightful, and addictive thriller… which artfully blends fiction and fact.… Patterson's style is easy on the eye and captivating… [The Race] will enthrall and inform readers from the opening engagement to the final satisfying twist. ” —The Morning Star Online ON The Race
“Torn from the headlines…. Exile delivers.” —The New York Times Book Review ON Exile
“Artful…compelling.” —USA Today ON Exile
“Exile’s political backdrop is vividly wrought.” —Entertainment Weekly ON Exile
“Patterson is superb at placing complicated social and political issues within the context of fiction. … An educational, moving read.” —Detroit News ON Exile
“Through his artful writing, Patterson presents compelling arguments for both sides… Weaving a powerful love story into this vast portrait of political divisiveness is no small feat, but Patterson does it gracefully.” —USA Today ON Exile
“Patterson delves evenhandedly into both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict, making this a fascinating and timely read. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal ON Exile
“A gripping and emotionally complicated political saga. Richly detailed scenes set in Jerusalem and West Bank Palestinian camps seem to play out right beneath the ink on today’s front page.” —News & Observer ON Exile
“Compelling … a beautifully crafted novel with a suspenseful plot, several twists, a revived love story and enough political intrigue to keep the reader immersed.” —Buffalo News ON Exile
“In Exile – gripping, educational and entertaining – a writer whose trademark is literate suspense shows there also are no easy answers.” —Times-Dispatch ON Exile
“Every now and then – but a lot more rarely than that implies – you come across a thriller so important that it absolutely demands to be read. This is one. … Patterson has done stupendous research, is admirably level-headed, eschews sermonizing and patronizing. Now, more than ever, as this conflict [in the Middle East] holds the world to ransom, this is a thriller that deserves to be a bestseller.” —The Times (London) ON Exile
“Exile is an astonishing book, a hugely entertaining human drama that also offers remarkable insight into the lethal conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.” —Bill Clinton ON Exile
“A remarkable project in popular fiction: an extension of the genre of the legal thriller to explore the morality and strategies of the U.S.'s greatest civic controversies.” —The Guardian (London) ON Balance of Power
“Patterson combines serious contemporary issues—domestic violence, presidential politics, late-term abortion—with an accessible writing style that has resulted in seven consecutive international best sellers.” —USA Today ON Balance of Power
“Compulsive reading… An engrossing blend of courtroom and political drama.” —The London Times ON Balance of Power
“A rip-roaring novel about guns, lawyers, and politics… This is a great read by a masterful writer.” —Senator Edward M. Kennedy ON Balance of Power
“[A] spellbinding novel… Patterson’s extensive research, plot skills, and ability to create engaging, authentic dialogue set his writing apart… Believable and eloquent.” —Associated Press ON Balance of Power
“Readers… will be dazzled by [Patterson’s] depth of knowledge. This is a page turner that will leave you not merely satisfied but informed.” —The New York Times ON Protect and Defend
“Readers…will be dazzled by [Patterson’s] depth of knowledge. This is a page turner that will leave you not merely satisfied but informed.” —The New York Times ON Protect and Defend
“Brilliant… Patterson has caught lightning in a bottle…. Put this one at the top of your hot list.” —Stephen King ON Protect and Defend
“One of the best Washington novels I’ve ever read.” —San Francisco Chronicle ON Protect and Defend
“Protect and Defend is a winner… Engrossing from the first page… Patterson crank[s] up a wild ride on a roller coaster of morality, politics, and emotions.” —USA Today ON Protect and Defend
“Powerful… Riveting from beginning to end… With Protect and Defend, Richard North Patterson lays further claim to being one of America’s best contemporary popular novelists.” —The Detroit News ON Protect and Defend
“Dark Lady not only keeps you in suspense; it gives you plenty of social and moral questions to ponder.” —The Wall Street Journal ON Dark Lady
“[A] complex tale of personal, political, and criminal betrayals… Dark Lady not only keeps you in suspense; it gives you plenty of social and moral questions to ponder.” —The Wall Street Journal ON Dark Lady
“Excellent… Once again Patterson reveals himself to be a master of crafting memorable characters… One of his best.” —USA Today ON Dark Lady
“Engrossing… True suspense.” —San Francisco Chronicle ON Dark Lady
“Finely tuned prose, characterization so good you want to weep, cheer, marry, kill, or vote for people who only exist on a page, and plotting so right and ingenious it makes those Mandarin Chinese craftsmen of puzzle boxes look like kids in a Nike factory.” —San Diego Union-Tribune ON Dark Lady
“The most realistic backstage look at a campaign since Primary Colors.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review ON No Safe Place
“Prescient… An important and impressive work of fiction… An exceptionally convincing, complex, and moving love story.” —The San Diego Union-Tribune ON No Safe Place
“High drama… Emotion-rich characters… The pages turn quickly.” —The Washington Post Book World ON No Safe Place
“Engrossing… Ambitious and well-written, No Safe Place is a sort of ethical suspense novel.” —The Wall Street Journal ON No Safe Place
“What is striking is how exactly right Patterson gets the politics and the journalism while telling a gripping tale that intertwines abuse and betrayal, ethics and ambition, romance and dysfunction.” —The San Jose Mercury News ON No Safe Place
“[An] intense courtroom drama… As startling as the bang of a gavel.” —People ON Silent Witness
“Enthralling… The denouement is powerful.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review ON Silent Witness
“This generation's best writer of legal thrillers… His strongest fiction to date.” —Entertainment Weekly ON Silent Witness
“Chilling.” —The Washington Post Book World ON Silent Witness
“A shrewd, consistently baffling murder mystery with overtones of New England gothic.” —Entertainment Weekly ON Caroline Masters
“Dazzling… The pages almost seem to turn themselves… The plot culminates in a classic courtroom confrontation.” —San Francisco Chronicle ON Caroline Masters
“The novel builds to several breathtaking surprises.” —People ON Caroline Masters
“Absorbing… A wrenching thriller… Patterson brings us slowly and with consummate skill into a story that winds this way, then that, before coming to a fully satisfying halt… One of those books you race to finish even though you don't want it to end… A great read.” —New York Daily News ON Caroline Masters
“A chilling success… Richard North Patterson is one of the best in the business.” —Time ON Eyes of a Child
“Masterful... Eyes of a Child hooks us early on...and dazzles us with courtroom strategies right up to the very end.” —San Francisco Chronicle ON Eyes of a Child
“A taut nail-biter…[that] provides the thrill of a legal hunt.” —USA Today ON Eyes of a Child
“Gripping… The intelligent reader’s John Grisham… [The] crisp dialogue as well as the narrative twists keep the pot bubbling.” —Chicago Sun-Times ON Eyes of a Child
“An ingenious legal thriller… Readers are apt to remain engrossed until the final page.” —Entertainment Weekly ON Eyes of a Child
“One intense courtroom clash after another… An intelligent and gripping thriller.” —The Washington Post ON Degree of Guilt
“A taut courtroom thriller… Richard North Patterson seems destined for celebrity status…as an acknowledged master… A brilliantly engaging story.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review ON Degree of Guilt
“Compulsively readable… A Chinese box of a puzzler, where one mystery is penetrated only to reveal another.” —People ON Degree of Guilt
“A page-turner.” —The New York Times Book Review ON Degree of Guilt
“There’s no doubt this is the best courtroom thriller to hit the stands since Scott Turow’s Presumed Innocent... It’s almost impossible to put down.” —The San Francisco Chronicle ON Degree of Guilt
“Flamboyant and entertaining.” —The Boston Globe ON Degree of Guilt
“Electrifying.” —The Cleveland Plain Dealer ON Degree of Guilt
“One of the year’s best thrillers…Superb characterizations and intense dialogue make this utterly compelling reading.” —Library Journal ON Degree of Guilt
“Absorbing.” —Publishers Weekly ON Degree of Guilt
“Thrilling.... Private Screening succeeds on all counts. It's a footrace of a read, daring you to put it down.” —Atlanta Journal & Constitution (London) ON Private Screening
“Intricate…. Intelligent and menacing.” —The Boston Globe ON Escape the Night
“A classic detective story.” —The New York Times Book Review ON The Outside Man
“Rich, complex, beautifully written.” —The New Republic ON The Outside Man
“Richard North Patterson seems destined for celebrity status, alongside Scott Turow and John Grisham, as an acknowledged master.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review ON The Outside Man
“Mr. Patterson is a natural storyteller…. Fast moving…. A handsome job.” —The New York Times ON The Lasko Tangent