Eyes of a Child


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A man has been found dead, a gun still wedged in his mouth. It looks like Ricardo Arias killed himself…but the physical evidence tells a different story. The police investigation turns up all sorts of troubling data—a bitter estrangement between Ricardo and his wife, Terri; an ugly custody battle over their six-year-old daughter, Elena; charges of child molestation. And before long there’s a murder suspect: San Francisco defense attorney and political hopeful Christopher Paget.

But where’s the motive? It could be that Paget is Terri’s new lover. Or that Paget’s own teenage son is the one who’s accused of abusing Elena. But a series of long-hidden secrets—on both sides of the case—are slowly rising to the surface…and threaten to explode in the courtroom, where the final verdict will be delivered. Where the truth about what really happened to Ricardo Arias will either be revealed—or buried for good…

“A chilling success… Richard North Patterson is one of the best in the business.” —Time
“Masterful... Eyes of a Child hooks us early on...and dazzles us with courtroom strategies right up to the very end.” —San Francisco Chronicle
“A taut nail-biter…[that] provides the thrill of a legal hunt.” —USA Today
“Gripping… The intelligent reader’s John Grisham… [The] crisp dialogue as well as the narrative twists keep the pot bubbling.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“An ingenious legal thriller… Readers are apt to remain engrossed until the final page.” —Entertainment Weekly